Dreams, Dreams, Dreams

Please allow me to begin this long overdue post by acknowledging the artist who generously shared the beautiful photo, that is my featured image, for Creative Commons use on Unsplash: Hannah Olinger.  Thank you, Hannah, for sharing your creativity with the world!

I have held a few dreams in my mind and heart that I have wondered if they would come true:

  1. I would be able to ride my bike to work with a big basket on the front to carry my books. The bike in my mind’s eye is fuschia and there is an orange Gerber Daisy on the basket.
  2. I would one day teach in a Faculty of Education, pre-service teachers. The joy!
  3. I would happily drink 8, 8 fluid oz glasses of water every day without even thinking of it.
  4. I would own (and wear regularly at home) a big floppy hat with plumage and a matching robe that I earned through higher learning at a university of renown.
  5. I would see my own children graduate from post-secondary learning and embark on brave, independent life adventures of their own.

Well 2018, you are a blessing!  Some of these dreams are shaping up.  In the fall, I am beginning my EdD (Doctor of Education) as well as teaching in a Faculty of Ed. I am thrilled to share that I am teaching “The Principles of Teaching and Learning” to a new generation of teachers. While I do not live close enough to work to have the bike, drinking enough water daily is not a natural joy and my children are still en route to adulting some of my heart desires for my calling are being realized and I am happy.

Dreams are powerful harbingers of HOPE. May yours be likewise.


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I rejoice in learning alongside others!

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