Lessons from Camping in the Rain!

For the past three days I have been camping on BC’s Sunshine Coast with 40 Grade 5 girls, 4 faculty and 6 Grade 10 student leaders. What a treat!  We were led by sustainability educators from the Sea to Sky Outdoor School at the beautiful YMCA Camp Elphinstone.

Yes, it rained for three days. Yes, we were damp and sometimes cold. Yes, my nose was running constantly. And yes, we had a BLAST!

Our learning goals revolved around the Big Idea of sustainability. What does it mean to me personally to live sustainably? What can I do?

Truly, we live and play in one of the most beautiful parts of creation. But what can we do to ensure that future generations of York House students will too? A few important takeaways from our learning:

1. Take what you need and eat what you take. Share the rest!

2. There is great joy found when we are in contact with our earth. From banana slugs to tidal pools, moss to mushrooms and even the rain… contact with creation fills us up with joy and peace.

3. We are all responsible to care for our planet. Water, waste, and toxins are all within our sphere of influence to change. It might be as simple as checking the products on our shampoo bottles or drinking from our reusable bottles.

I can hardly wait to see the inquiry projects that will fall out of this transformative experience! Ms. Riendl, Mrs. Kavanos, Ms. Winston, Ms. Friesen and the amazing Sea to Sky team, thank you for opening our eyes to the wonder of being a web-weaver and running the rainbow towards sustainability!


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