Spirit of Canada: Social Justice at School

I have said it before: I have the best job!   The privilege of learning alongside brilliant young people and watching their minds and spirit develop is pure joy. The past three days I have been with 23 GDCI Vikes at a Me to Me mini-conference entitled Spirit of Canada.  

We have been challenging stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination against First Nations, Métis and Inuit people in Canada. A few of us identify with this people group and the rest of us now count ourselves as an ally. 

It is important that I document our learning as this truly is the “spirit of Canada” and hopefully, the spirit of GDCI.  You can follow our school Twitter feed @GDCI_Vikings to travel with us through this learning path. You can also check out our Flipagram: http://flipagram.com/f/RnHhLraQDU and listen to one of our new favourite bands, A Tribe Called Red. 

The Big Ideas:

1.  Allyship 

  • The role or status of being an ally or a friend. 
  • How can we eliminate stereotypes and make our communities inclusive?
  • Listen and look for the missing voices. 

2.  The idea of intersectionality. This was new learning for me!  I had to turn to the power of google to dig into this concept. Wikipedia defines intersectionality or intersectionalism as “the study of intersections between forms or systems of oppression,domination or discrimination.”  For instance, an aboriginal woman’s identity is overlapped by both gender and culture. This places all Canadians in the center of a metaphorical Venn diagram. 

3.  Our action plan:  We envision GDCI as an inclusive space. We should be able to see ourselves in our halls. We questioned whether or not we could see our First Nations, Métis or Inuit identities in our learning spaces. Our plan is to change that!

  • Step 1: aboriginal art representation in our halls. As our project unfolds, I will share our journey. 

Thank you Me to We!  Thank you AMDSB for the awesome experience together! 

Watch this inspiring trailer and get a feel for our excitement: Rebel Music

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I rejoice in learning alongside others!

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