Visible Learning – Yup, we’re awesome!

I am learning today from my academic crush, John Hattie. Aside from my sheer geeky excitement from listening to my favourite educational researcher, I am soaking in the research around what works for student achievement


Firstly, we have been affirmed! 95-98% of what we do enhances student achievement! As the research shows this to be true in Ontario classrooms, what does that mean for us? What then, do we need to focus on to continue our journey to excellence?

How do we position ourselves and our teaching/learning strategies to maximize student learning?

How do we optimize our effect that we have on students?

We are easily distracted. I am the classic “squirrel” personality: easily distracted by the flashy, the sparkly, the pretty! What I choose to focus on will be deliberate practice.


Questions that I am percolating for our collective professional work at GDCI:
1. What do we mean by impact on learning?
2. What is the magnitude of the impact? How do we know?
3. How many kids do we impact? How pervasive is our impact?

More to come as I continue to be challenged by John Hattie 😎…

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I rejoice in learning alongside others!

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