Dance, Dance, Revolution!

Today was Viking Valhalla at GDCI. Yes, that means a little bit of school spirit heaven! From bouncy castles to glow sticks today has been fantastic! Right now I am blogging live from the dance and once again I’m thinking I have the best job in the world!


Let me sum up the day with a “Top 10” list:

10. Where else do you get to celebrate a years worth of academic achievement and hard work with a bouncy castle and a baseball game?

9. Today, when we needed professionals, we turned to our student community to fill the jobs. Two student DJs turned out the tunes and kept everyone happily moving to the beat.
8. Who doesn’t love cookies? Over 300 delicious cookies were handed out to students and they were baked in our very own hospitality kitchen!
7. This afternoon was all about play and laughter. I couldn’t have asked for a better combination!
6. At the end of the dance, countless students said “Thanks!” The future sure looks bright when we think about our awesome GDCI students.
5. My colleagues at GDCI rock! They went from activity to activity this afternoon with smiles on their faces and then came to dance the night away!

4. The last song may seem like the end of the dance, but those of you who organize these types of events know that is far from over. There is always clean up to be done. Tonight many hands make light work! A number of students stayed to tidy up and that was the icing on the cake!
3. Viking Valhalla was an example of good clean fun at its best! Check out the student spirit leaders from the tight and bright dance!

2. Can you tell that I love my job? Can you tell that I feel a special privilege to be working with these amazing young people and colleagues?

1. To be truthful, tonight at the dance I got a little teary. I saw students dancing with other students who typically don’t hang out together at school. You see, they were concerned that everybody was having fun and everybody was included. This is a pretty special group of young people. I felt like a proud mom!

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