Ah Quebec!

Today I am in Quebec City with some of the brightest, most fun students around! When we were standing at the top of the cliff, just off of the Plains of Abraham, I wondered aloud “how do you think the British soldiers were able to scale this cliff in the middle of the night?”

I could see the wheels turning around me. “Maybe there were stairs.” “I think that they must have been so strong, like action heros.” One quiet voice to my left said “I think I know Mrs. Skelding, they saw that the French women washed their laundry down there, so they knew there had to be trails up the cliff.”

Ahhhh, there it was: the light bulb moment! Our eyes lit up and we could envision this happening right before us. This learning came from a wondering. This learning will stick – I am certain of it!


Published by togetherwise

I rejoice in learning alongside others!

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