Always learning at GDCI ES!

What an excellent week students and staff have had together! I am trying to soak up the excitement and pure energy that the students radiate in and out of the classroom. Today on a visit to a grade 7 math class, I was stumped by a riddle. What is the name of a sport that has four letters, is played all year long and all around the world, and begins with “T”?

Before I entered the classroom students had the opportunity to solve the riddle collaboratively. I was on my own…at first…then the compassion kicked in and they began to throw out clues to help me along. It is at this point in the blog that I am forced to admit that I could not solve the riddle! Was it Friday afternoon fatigue? Was it really too challenging for me? Did I feel that I had to get it in order to preserve my “smart VP” status and I put way too much pressure on myself? Does it even matter? 🙂

As I reflect, both on the riddle embarrassment, and on the week as a whole I find myself laughing to myself. You see, at the end of it all we are all learning that we are always learning! I needed the fresh young grade 7 minds to help me solve a problem. We are better together when the challenge is enough to sustain us.

As for the answer to the riddle: see what you can do with it! One hint from a 12 year old brain: don’t think about it literally! Even the hint made me smile!



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I rejoice in learning alongside others!

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