Welcome Back!

Dear GDCI Elementary School Families,

The summer holiday is a time to recharge.  I look forward to the opportunity to step away from a busy work schedule and into another world of relaxed time with family and friends.  Whether that looks like time at the lake, a day at Canada’s Wonderland, a BBQ in the backyard or a special trip away, we are able to kick back and create new memories.  As the summer winds down I hope that you will grab every chance to soak up the sunshine in order to prepare for the year ahead.

As we look ahead to the 2012-13 academic year I would like to introduce myself.  I am honoured to serve as your new Gr.7/8 Administrator at GDCI ES.  I am a resident of North Huron and my three children attend F.E. Madill Secondary School and The Maitland River Elementary School.  During the school year we are quite busy with hockey, horseback riding, swimming and various music lessons.  There is a lot of sporting equipment in our house along with one cuddly little dog named Teebo.

I come to you from the Avon Maitland District School Board office where I have been part of the curriculum team as a Literacy and Numeracy Resource Teacher for the past three years. I have a varied background in teaching ranging from special education to Department Head of Canadian and World Studies in Hamilton, Ontario.  You are welcome to look at my qualifications on my Ontario College of Teachers Record.

An Intentional Professional Learning Community

The primary responsibility of administration in a school is to serve the community as a lead learner.  To this end, I am always seeking to further my learning on what really works for student learning.  If you are interested, please follow my GDCI ES community blog at Togetherwise.

GDCI ES is part of a broader school community.  I invite you to bookmark and regularly visit the school’s website for regular updates and information.  In the fall, I will be posting about the School Achievement Plan (SAP) for 2012-13.  The SAP is a working document that highlights our commitment to student learning.  As a staff we will prioritize key areas for our professional focus, gather data to inform our decision making and move ahead with a precise action plan for the classroom.  Our SAP is guided by the Board Achievement Plan (BAP).

At GDCI ES, we have wonderful staff.  Our staff members are also committed to ongoing learning and as such hold special qualifications in several areas including Special Education, Reading, Science and Physical Education.  When I met with the staff during the pre-summer Professional Activity Day, I asked about what makes GDCI ES a great place to work?  The answer was unanimously agreed upon:  “excellent students” and “supportive colleagues”.  A great place indeed – I am thrilled to become a part of such a positive team!


In order to serve you and maintain a transparent level of communication between home and school, I will be using a number of varied channels.  Along with the regular school newsletters you will also have access to our school Twitter account and Facebook page.  You can connect with us on any of these levels.  Your classroom teachers will also provide direct communication home in a variety of methods.

In order to communicate personally with me on any confidential matter you may use my email: jennskel@fc.amdsb.ca, or call the school at 519-524-7353 ext. 3.  The office will be open from 8:30am to 3pm from August 28 – 31.  An important first day of school (Sept. 4)  memo has been posted on the GDCI website.

Have a wonderful remainder of the summer!  I am looking forward to an excellent year together!


Jenn Skelding

Gr. 7/8 Administrator, GDCI ES

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